Energy & Electrical Audit

Following the old adage 'prevention is better than cure' which holds true for electrical systems. Improper design, overloaded or unbalanced systems, or simply a loose connection can lead to major loss of property, life & capital. In dynamic environments where demands on electrical systems are changing now & then, there is a need for regular external audits to asses system safety, system breakdown and prevent a systemic collapse, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Singh Isotech Pvt. Ltd. aims at providing preventive maintenance for industrial/commercial/ residential establishments. Our expert team of engineers and senior technicians has seen all systems and situations generally found in these complexes. We conduct periodic (quarterly) audits for various industrial and commercial complexes at various sites throughout the country apprising the management of the state of the electrical system, suggesting and implementing as needed. From faulty earthing to missing control or display systems, overloaded wires to losses due to power factor, our team has identified many system issues at various locations in the country.

We not only identify the problems, but also suggest short term and long term solutions and implement them to ensure safety, continued optimum operations and cost effectiveness of the system.