Fire Alarm & Smoke/Heat Detection System

SINGH ISOTECH‘s Service offerings are not limited to installation of electrical systems only. We also undertake design and installation of fire alarm and smoke/Heat detection systems for residential and commercial buildings. We also have the experience and expertise to successfully deploy fire-fighting systems in residential/commercial enterprises.

Our array of Fire / Smoke Detection and Automation Consultancy services include installation of not just conventional fire alarm systems but also Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems and Building Escaping Singes. Conventional systems fail if there is deterioration in the sensitivity of the smoke detectors. In such situations analogue addressable detectors succeed as they give an output signal representing the value of the sensed phenomenon. This helps in early detection and safety of the life and property of the occupants of a building.

We also undertake maintenance of the fire alarm and smoke detection systems that we install and conduct routine checks to ensure that detection and early warning systems are functional and will work effectively during an emergency.