Advantage of Opting Industrial AMC Services through Expert Agencies – A Recent Case Study

Vikas Goyal, Vishal Singh

Sr. Manager, Singh Isotech Private Limited, Gurgaon
Director, Singh Isotech Private Limited, Gurgaon

Abstract:This is observed that, bumping towards increase in production nowadays various kinds of fault and mishap are very regular in Industries. Though every industries have their exclusive expert team of maintenance who can easily take care of all related issues which may occur at their units. But they aren’t actually equipped with all the required tools, machineries or software for having ease in their jobs. They used to carry out all traditional techniques to resolve the issues in compulsion of removal of all problems as soon as possible with lower impact on production of the running units.

Introduction: So a concept of getting it done by some experts and outsource the whole job too simplify and get an optimized result with no more extra hustle on their staff. This was named as Industrial/ Commercial Annual Maintenance Contract/Consultancy services for entire electrical system of an existing/ running unit/plant from starting HT connection to the last switch board. Some people get confused in between Electrical AMC services and Electrical Consultancy services, they think that AMC services can also opted at the time of starting of any electrical project, No both works on different concepts. For starting and during execution period only we can go for Electrical Consultancy Services, But the Electrical AMC services comes in role when work gets completed.
Industrial AMC is always required based on real time monitoring and instant fault removal technique. On passing such kind of job to 3rd party agencies, you minimize your own burden of getting into every loop holes unnecessarily. It helps in maintaining the entire system as per the contract, conditions according to requirement which has been decided in earlier phase of agreement by both. One of the benefit of getting it done through 3rd party agencies also helps a lot in statuary companies and certification from desired civil bodies.

Concept:We have also chosen one of the pioneer of their field who are expert in their services, i.e. Singh Isotech Private Limited, Gurgaon. They used to take care of entire electrical and MEP system by their own as they are already concerned about efficient and quality deliverable. They used to have excess amount of technical skills, a far experience of contracting and execution business since 1996. They are equipped with state of art techniques, engineers, teams and latest UK/US based instruments and also used to take care of all kind of Liasioning jobs, statuary & civil bodies compliances (local and central).
As we know the fact, before deploying any kind of manpower, mobilization of machineries and tools are the key points for any of production/ execution/ testing/ commissioning type units/ agencies, before starting any process. As we are aware that they are already loaded with all featured and essential equipment’s and an expert team who are right for their jobs. This is also a unique thing that they are expert in managing and monitoring them with a quick action plan without hampering your ongoing works.

Case Study:We also like to share an recent incident, which was bring out on the plant head table, during changing one of the incoming MCCB of the main LT panel. SIPL (Singh Isotech Pvt. Ltd.) always proceed their company policies and protocols, after changing any electrical part or switchgear they used to check that part or switchgear and whole system to its directly associated, through their machines and equipment. “I observed that they have connected a 3 phase power quality (Make- Krykard LM36 as mentioned on the device) and drawn my attention towards imbalance loading due improper phase distribution, which was clearly displayed into their machine” – as stated by their Plant Head.
This was later solved by our maintenance team under supervision of SIPL team too as confirmed by plant head. We are satisfied with all the deliverable we get from their side, and also feel glad to endorse their services among our business partners, consultants and our known ones.

Results & Conclusion:Some of the useful benefits which client has shared with us by opting this service from SIPL, are as follows –

  • SIPL had complete knowledge of entire Electrical System, though they are also into contactor & execution service too.
  • They are equipped with all required and essential machinery & equipment’s as per plant type.
  • They have expert exclusive team for all the expertise works.
  • They used to deploy a full time dedicated experts team during their AMC period as per need and requirement of the plant.
  • Our plant losses and faults are gradually decreased in very short span of time due to the continuous efforts of SIPL.
  • They also endorse and train our technical team on Electrical Safety Issues concerns and concept.
  • A simple handy checklist of weekly, monthly and quarterly checking along with description of how to carry simple electrical tests is shared with our maintenance team.


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