He is a well -known blogger in certain circles, lives in another city and does not even know me. I accidentally stumbled upon him on the Internet, began to follow what he was doing, and gradually he began to like it more and more. For some reason I am sure that I know what kind of person he is. And also – that he is “the same”. I can’t do anything with myself, I think about it all the time.

Larisa, you just like this person or you think that you love him? How long have you been experiencing feelings for him? Have you had a real relationship in life? Now you communicate with someone, meet you, meet?

What is happening to you is like idealization: you draw a person in your imagination, based on real information about him – his voice, appearance, sphere of interests. You write that for some reason you are sure that you know what kind of person he is. Sounds just not too confident. You really want to know – but do you really know?

Blogger is most often a business, sometimes a hobby, but with elements of attracting attention, self -affirmation, emotional exhibitionism. What is this young man in fact, none of his subscribers knows: the blogger gives them cut information so that he is perceived exactly as he wants.

Have you tried to meet him or prefer to stay “remotely”? If you do not take any steps, you may be driven by the desire to avoid disappointment from a clash with human nature, its contradictions, unpredictability, changes. This is very tempting and quite comfortable – to love

an unknown person at a distance. But this leads you away from life and from movement. You freeze like a doll in one position, in one place, in an invented world.

Try to get as much information as possible about the subject of your hobby, start correspondence. Is it really the same, or you just really want it?